GRACE stands for Gratitude & Respect for Animals and their Care at the End of life.

The founders of the GRACE Animal Hospice Consortium have each been educators in the field for several decades. They are collaborating to offer a point of contact for those who wish to care for their dying animal loved one in a way quite similar to human hospice.








Gail Pope, founder and president of BrightHaven—Holistic Animal Sanctuary, Hospice, Rescue and Education Center (








Ella Bittel, veterinarian, founder of Spirits in Transition—educational resource and support of end-of-life care for animal companions (

Kathryn Marocchino, PhD, Fellow in Thanatology, founder and president of The Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets—the nation’s first nonprofit devoted to the provision of home hospice care for terminally ill companion animals (